Terms & Conditions

SHOPTASTIC PTE. LTD. reserves the right to amend these Terms and Cash Back at any time without notice. By using any portion of our Services, you agree to these Terms. Please read them carefully.


Use of the services provided by SHOPTASTIC is regulated by the following terms and conditions. By using these services, users consent and agree to these terms and conditions. If a user finds the terms and conditions unacceptable, they should discontinue use immediately.


SHOPTASTIC does not offer any warranties for the products, promotions, coupon codes, and special offers being provided by participating retailers and advertisers. We do not control these retailers, do not endorse them, and are not responsible for any aspects of their websites or businesses.

Retailers can at any time alter or cancel any and all coupons/promotions. Our service involves publishing links to online retailers as well as printable coupons redeemable at brick and mortar establishments. The primary purpose of SHOPTASTIC is to help members save money on all their purchases via Cash Back, coupons, hand-picked deals, money-saving tools and more.

Advertiser Disclosure

SHOPTASTIC partners with thousands of retail stores to offer you the latest money-saving opportunities. When you follow a link on SHOPTASTIC to visit a store, SHOPTASTIC may earn a commission on purchases made during that store visit. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.

We then share the majority of our earned commission with you, our members, as Cash Back. The applicable merchant determines whether you have satisfied the conditions of the SHOPTASTIC Offer.

SHOPTASTIC does not control the merchants and is bound by their decisions. If you disagree with any merchant’s decision, you may dispute that issue directly with the merchant but agree that we and our technology partners have no liability to you for such claim or with respect to any other dispute or interaction between you and the merchant.


The SHOPTASTIC Extension keeps our members up to date on Cash Back and coupon offers. When the Extension is installed users will remain logged in to SHOPTASTIC allowing for eligible Cash Back purchases to be automatically recorded. This will eliminate the step of having to log into SHOPTASTIC before shopping.

Cash Back

Program Description:

SHOPTASTIC Cash Back program allows SHOPTASTIC members to receive Cash Back on all of their purchases made through SHOPTASTIC. Qualified retailers will be identified on the website along with the percentage Cash Back amount members will receive. Getting started is simple, just set up a SHOPTASTIC account, and start shopping. Utilizing a SHOPTASTIC account allows members to view Cash Back earned from their SHOPTASTIC qualified purchases.

SHOPTASTIC is not responsible or liable for Program changes or removal of an Affiliated Store, an Affiliated Stores decision to withdraw from the Program and the impact this has on an accrued Cash Back balance. SHOPTASTIC is not responsible or liable for Program changes or removal of coupon codes and/or discounts and the impact this has on an accrued Cash Back balance.

The SHOPTASTIC Program and Applications are provided to members "as is" and with no warranty. SHOPTASTIC may terminate the Program and Applications at any time with or without notice or reason. To the maximum extent permitted by law, SHOPTASTIC disclaims all representations and warranties, express or implied, in regards to the Program and Applications.

The SHOPTASTIC Program and Applications are provided with no guarantee regarding the quality or accuracy of advertisements for products provided by Affiliated Stores. SHOPTASTIC does not guarantee that while using SHOPTASTIC and its Program and Applications the site will be free of errors or interruptions. Also, SHOPTASTIC assumes no liability or responsibility for any damages due to site errors, interruptions or inability to access SHOPTASTIC Programs and Applications.


•    Must be age 18 or over
•    Individuals only (i.e. no attempts by automated machines/computers to accumulate Cash Back)
•    Accessable email address
•    Single account requirement (1 account per publisher person unless additional account authorized by SHOPTASTIC)
•    Cookies enabled

Payout Terms:

•    SHOPTASTIC is responsible for maintaining and tracking member's Cash Back and Bonuses. Cash Back earnings are calculated as the net sale amount (total sale adjusted for taxes, shipping and other fees) multiplied by the retailer's Cash Back percentage amount noted on SHOPTASTIC site.
•    Members will receive payment via PayPal, Direct Deposit, Zelle or eGift Card. Payment via direct deposit is available for members residing in the US only.
•    A member's payable account balance must reach a minimum withdrawal amount listed next to each payment method in order to be eligible for payment. Members may accept these updated Terms and Conditions to request a PayPal or Direct Deposit payment on any verified balance of $1.00 or greater.
•    There is typically a 0.50% (or 0.005) fee on the total payment amount charged by PayPal to process international transactions. In instances when this international fee is charged on the PayPal transaction, it will be deducted from that member's Cash Back balance.
•    U.S. mobile phone number is required for Zelle payment methods. See Zelle terms here.
•    SHOPTASTIC members who elect to receive their payment via a eGift Card will get a cash bonus added to their payment request. Bonus amounts are specified next to each eGift Card payment method on the Payments page of the account.
•    Cash Back payments will be sent to members on average within 3 business day of payment request.
•    Payment requests can be made once every 15 days for amounts exceeding $25, or once every 30 days otherwise
•    For eGift cards we are unable to re-issue an eGift card payment once it has been processed. Members will need to contact the retailer or vendor for any eGift card issues once payment has been processed.
•    Member's balances are segregated and held in a restricted cash account maintained by SHOPTASTIC.
•    If you register to create an account to receive payments via our application, you expressly authorize SHOPTASTIC PTE. LTD.'s service provider, Dwolla, Inc. to originate credit transfers to your financial institution account. You must be at least 13 years old and obtain parental permission if under 18 to receive funds. You authorize us to collect and share with Dwolla your personal information including full name, email address and financial information, and you are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of that data. Dwolla’s Privacy Policy is available here.

General Terms:

•    Members are responsible to keep their SHOPTASTIC account information up to date.
•    Depending on the tax laws in your city, state or country, members may be taxed on referral bonuses and prizes earned through SHOPTASTIC. In all instances, members are solely responsible for any tax liability from your usage of SHOPTASTIC.
•    SHOPTASTIC is not responsible for any lost mail.
•    SHOPTASTIC is not responsible for changes made by retailer stores participating in the Cash Back program
•    SHOPTASTIC protects your privacy and strongly suggests that you click here to review our privacy policy
•    SHOPTASTIC reserves the right to withhold payment of Cash Back rewards for suspected fraud, abuse of retailers or SHOPTASTIC website, use of email spam to promote referrals, or for creating multiple user profiles. If you feel your Cash Back rewards are being withheld in error, please contact us. Any fraud or abuse relating to earning or receipt of Cash Back rewards, or any misrepresentation of information furnished to SHOPTASTIC or its retailers partners by you or anyone acting on your behalf may result in the termination of your SHOPTASTIC account and forfeiture of Cash Back rewards.
•    The determination of whether or not a purchase qualifies for Cash Back is at the sole discretion of SHOPTASTIC. If a retailer fails to report a transaction to SHOPTASTIC or withholds payment to SHOPTASTIC, SHOPTASTIC reserves the right to cancel the Cash Back associated with that transaction. SHOPTASTIC is not responsible for lost or stolen payments, or for payments delivered to the wrong address.
•    Any member in violation of this policy will have their account banned and will forfeit all Cash Back and referral bonus earnings.


•    Termination of any account without a notice can be made at SHOPTASTIC's discretion.
•    SHOPTASTIC membership is free and there is no charge for Membership or for earning Cash Back. However, if your account is inactive for more than 365 days, it becomes dormant. SHOPTASTIC reserves the right to debit dormant accounts $2.00 per month for maintenance until the account balance reaches zero. You will not be charged a maintenance fee if such a charge were to cause your Cash Back account balance to be negative. Also, if you have not been charged a maintenance fee in the month due, you will not be charged retroactively.
You can reactivate your dormant account by starting a shopping session via SHOPTASTIC or via SHOPTASTIC's applications. Once your account is reactivated, all maintenance fees can be voided by contacting SHOPTASTIC support.

Cash Back Discrepancies:

If a member believes that Cash Back has not been accurately reported to his/her account, it is the responsibility of the member to submit a Cash Back inquiry via the SHOPTASTIC customer support ticket form. Cash Back inquiries must be submitted no earlier than 7 days and no later than 60 days after the transaction date.

For most travel-related Cash Back, credit is issued over the course of two transactions. An initial reservation record of $0.00 will post within 7 days of your travel purchase. This indicates that the sale was traced from the travel site to SHOPTASTIC. As a second step, a Cash Back credit on eligible portions of your booking will post within 90 days of completing your travel.

If no reservation record of $0.00 is posted in your account within 7 days of the travel purchase, please submit an inquiry. Such inquiries where no reservation record was posted must be submitted no later than 60 days following the travel purchase. For purchases that do have a $0.00 reservation record, inquiries may be submitted for a longer period, up to six months following the travel purchase.


•    Sign-Up Bonus (Welcome Bonus)

To earn a Sign-Up Bonus a member must join SHOPTASTIC during a promotional period or via a link or web page on SHOPTASTIC where such bonus is being promoted and fulfill the terms of the Sign-Up Bonus as stated at the time. Each member is eligible for a maximum of one Sign-Up Bonus.

The Bonus becomes Payable, i.e. available for withdrawal, within 30-90 days after purchase date.

•    Refer-a-Friend Bonus

The details of the current Refer-a-Friend bonus terms can be found here.

Refer-a-Friend bonuses become available for withdrawal when referred friends earn $20 in Cash Back within 1 year of their join date.

Members may earn multiple Refer-A-Friend Bonuses by referring multiple new members.

Members may not abuse the bonus system by utilizing the use of bots, paid advertising, SPAM, fake personas, and/or other suspicious or fraudulent identity. If SHOPTASTIC deems the program is being used for any illegal or fraudulent activity it will result in legal consequences, termination of member's account, forfeiture of any bonuses and Cash Back. Determination of bonus eligibility will be at the sole discretion of SHOPTASTIC.

Promotional Cash Back Offers

SHOPTASTIC members may be presented with Promotional Cash Back Offers via email and/or messaging on the SHOPTASTIC website. Each Promotional Cash Back Offer is available for select SHOPTASTIC members only. Only one of each offer may be earned by eligible SHOPTASTIC members.

To qualify for an Promotional Cash Back Offer, SHOPTASTIC member must complete requirements (e.g. minimum purchase amount) during the duration of the promotion, as listed in the Promotional Cash Back Offer messaging. Promotional Cash Back will be in addition to Cash Back normally earned from listed Cash Back rate(s). Promotional Cash Back will be added as a bonus to SHOPTASTIC member account balance within 14 days for all qualified members who have met Promotional Cash Back offer requirements.


SHOPTASTIC services are provided with no guarantee regarding price, terms, availability, quality or warranty. In addition to reviewing individual retailer's privacy policies, users should also carefully review their refund and return policies before making any purchases. SHOPTASTIC does not accept payment for purchase made from other websites and therefore cannot provide refunds.

SHOPTASTIC is not responsible or liable for any purchases made through participating retailer sites, nor is it required to provide support for such purchases. Complaints regarding any purchases should be directed to the retailer involved. Users of our services agree to not hold SHOPTASTIC responsible for any and all damages arising from the use of this service and its associated links.

Although SHOPTASTIC makes a significant effort to make sure published coupons and Cash Back rates are accurate, SHOPTASTIC is not responsible for inaccuracies in coupons or Cash Back rates other than to the extent explicitly stated in the Coupon Guarantee and the Cash Back Guarantee.

Use of this Website

This site is for personal use only and may only be copied or distributed as such. No person or organization may use, or reproduce in any form, any part of SHOPTASTIC for commercial purposes without prior written consent. Any reproduction, duplication, distribution, publication, modification, or transmission of material from this site is strictly prohibited. Material covered by this prohibition includes, but is not limited to, any text, graphics, logos, photographs.


This Agreement is effective when accepted by you and will remain in effect until you or we terminate your membership in the Program. We may terminate this Agreement and your use of or access to the Program at any time, for any reason or no reason. Any violation of this Agreement or the rules and conditions of the Program may result in the termination of your Account and forfeiture of pending or prior Cash Back and other rewards. We may, in our sole discretion, at any time and without prior notice, discontinue, cancel, suspend, change or limit access to all or any part of the Program or any functionality, feature or other component of any Company Property. You agree that Company will not be liable to you or to any third party for any modification, suspension, or termination of the Program or your access to any of the Company Properties. If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the Program at any time, your sole and exclusive remedy is to cease participating in the Program. Upon any termination of the Program, your right to use and access the Program, and the Company Properties, and to receive Cash Back and other rewards, will terminate. Termination will not prejudice either you or our remedies at law or in equity.


Any questions or concerns regarding our Terms and Conditions should be submitted using our contact page.